Circular Agrifood

  • Seppe Salari

    Seppe Salari

    Seppe Salari is co-founder of InsectoCycle and entomologist. At InsectoCycle they use wastestream to grow black soldier fly larvae, who turn the waste into high quality proteins. Subsequently, they process these proteins into valuable products like fish feed or pet food. InsecotCycle provides farmers with a new sustainable business model, as black soldier fly growers. InsectoCycle provides them with: know-how, starting material and processes the produced insects into products. Their vision is that insects are the embodiment of circular feed.

  • Carlos Cabrera

    Carlos Cabrera

    Managing Director & Founder at Greencovery

    Carlos has a Chemical Engineering Degree from the University of Costa Rica, a MSc in Biotechnology from Wageningen University and a PhD in Bioprocess Engineering from Delft University of Technology. The breakthrough separation technology developed during his PhD is the cornerstone on which Greencovery is built on.

    His dream is to contribute to a waste-free future!

    His role at Greencovery is to identify the applications of our technology in which we can have the highest impact. He catalyzes the connections between the different markets to extract the maximal potential from each side-stream.

    He has dedicated his career to identify and develop technologies to upcycle valuable compounds from side-streams at different levels of development and organizations. Some of these organizations are: Hexion Specialty Chemicals, ChainCraft B.V., TU Delft, Wageningen UR and Biotechnology Research Centre ITCR.

  • Noud Janssen

    Noud Janssen

    Initiator KipvanOranje

    Noud Janssen, with a long history in practical poultry farming, graduated as animal scientist from Wageningen University and Research Centre. For years he has been running his own business consisting several poultry farms. During this period, he was also chairman of the board the “Limburg Agricultural and Horticultural Association”. He’s an expert in negotiating (economic) sustainable solutions for the Dutch husbandry sector.

    Mr Janssen currently is director of Noah AgroFood, initiating new concepts in the agro food industry. He is involved in HubOranje!, an innovation platform for husbandry farmers. The platform stimulates and facilitates farm-based innovations in the production of quality animal products. The aim is to sustainably strengthen the position of poultry farmers in the chain by working with partners on farm innovations, data sharing, vital chain concepts, product development and promotion.

  • Paula Rijkens

    Paula Rijkens

    Innovation Manager Circular AgriFood, Foodvalley NL

    Paula Rijkens is Innovation Manager Circular AgriFood at Foodvalley NL, where her task is to stimulate the transition to a sustainable, circular food system; one without waste and with a good business model for all links in the chain. With many years of experience in sales and purchasing at multinationals and SMEs, Paula has been a project leader in education (HAS University of Applied Sciences) and government (Province of North Brabant) guiding innovation projects in the fields of residual flow evaluation, food processing and protein transition.

    Paula Rijkens is a Foodvalley Champions jury member for the Circular AgriFood theme.

  • Carin van Huët-Laan

    Carin van Huët-Laan

    Director Food & Agri, Rabobank

    Carin van Huët-Laan has worked at Rabobank since 2010, first as Managing Director, then as Chairman of the Board of several local banks and Regional Delegates Assembly Director for Southwest Netherlands.  She has been Head of Sector Management Business Clients, and Director Food & Agri Netherlands since 2018. As Head of Sector Management Business Clients, she focuses on the strategy, financing and risk management of individual companies in all sectors. Together with her Food & Agri, Trade, Industry, Services, Healthcare, and Real Estate finance teams she envisages the major transition issues in these sectors and brings these into critical conversations with clients and trade organizations in the Netherlands, with the aim of creating societal impact.

    Carin van Huët-Laan is a Foodvalley Champions jury member for the Circular AgriFood theme.

  • Gerbrand van Veldhuizen

    Gerbrand van Veldhuizen

    Managing Director VanRijsingengreen

    As Managing Director of vanRijsingengreen, Gerbrand van Veldhuizen is committed to the complete valorization of vegetable products. Convinced that there are still major steps to be taken in circularity in the vegetable sector, he sees the key advances coming from making optimal use of content with fewer resources and maximizing yield with minimal impact on the earth. Not surprisingly, these will be his most-important criteria when assessing entries for the Foodvalley Champions.

    Gerbrand van Veldhuizen is a Foodvalley Champions jury member for the Circular AgriFood theme.

  • Jonathan Teoh

    Jonathan Teoh

    Manager Entrepreneurship at Foodvalley NL

    Jonathan Teoh – Manager Entrepreneurship at Foodvalley NL. Responsible for creating a worldclass ecosystem for entrepreneurs in Food & Agri and stimulate and enable these ventures to make an impact in the transition of our foodsystem. Together with our ecosystem partners we create services for, build relationship with and facilitate the most innovative entrepreneurs in their journey towards impactful success.

  • Leo den Hartog

    Leo den Hartog

    Director R&D and Quality Affairs at Nutreco

    Professor Dr Leo den Hartog is director of R&D at Nutreco and part-time professor in “Animal Nutrition in a Circular Economy” at Wageningen University, The Netherlands. It was from this same university that den Hartog graduated in Animal Sciences in 1978, and where he obtained his PhD in 1984.

    In 1989, den Hartog received the Henneberg Lehmann Award from the University of Göttingen, Germany. In 1999, he accepted an honorary PhD from the University of Kaposvar, Hungary. In 2014, he was given the Molenaar Award from the Animal Nutrition magazine in the Netherlands and Belgium. This award is given every two years to a person for his or her contribution to the animal feed and additive industry.

    Den Hartog’s extensive experience in animal production is reflected in over 450 scientific and applied articles and seven books as author or co-author. To date, he has given more than 750 lectures in over 40 different countries. He has also been chairman of Dutch trade missions on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality to China, Taiwan, South Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and South Africa.