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Eko-rezerv provides innovative systems and machinery for processing (by-)products of animal, fish, plant and insect origin into high-quality feed ingredients, with a purpose to derive maximum nutritional value in a resource-efficient way with minimum process pollution.

Eko-rezerv’s proprietory DCE drying-cooling equipment with in-built milling excludes product denaturation. This is of critical importance for the quality of heat-sensitive protein-rich feed ingredients, and means that nutritional value of the product after drying remains at the same level as before.

Focus on process pollution prevention, optimal processing regime and exclusion of product denaturation at every stage of the process is at the core of their approach.

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With 30 years’ experience in developing and producing plant-based protein food, Schouten delivers top quality. The Schouten product range is probably the most versatile in the world: tasty, healthy, and comprehensive. Schouten is the veggie food partner for worldwide fast-food chains, major European retailers as well as for smaller food specialists.

Schouten can provide added value for any company looking for plant-based protein food. Good products, reliable deliveries, and professional support in the area of quality, marketing and product development are a matter of course.

Phycom, based in Nijkerk, cultivates and processes food and feed grade microalgae in a proprietary, fully enclosed and conditioned system.

In past decades food production methods and quality of foods have dramatically changed; current food production systems put food security and food quality at stake. Food related health issues, food composition, security and sustainability, wealth development and population growth, require a change in food types and a different approach towards food production.


MCLS Europe is the European subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences Ltd. We are proud of our cultural heritage and build on decades of fermentation know-how, which allows us to develop and manufacture natural food ingredients that can improve taste, texture and nutritional values. For example, our yeast extracts mask off notes and improve the umami taste, mouthfeel and juiciness of plant-based food and help to reduce salt, sugar and fat in all kinds of food.


Meelunie is a leading global supplier of plant based ingredients such as proteins, starches and sweeteners. The Meelunie product range covers a wide variety of food, animal nutrition and industrial applications, and includes trusted brands such as Windmill Potato Starch alongside an ever-growing assortment of organic products.

A truly global company, Meelunie has offices spread over five continents and export to over 100 countries. But their added value goes far beyond that of a supplier. From risk management to multi-sourcing, quality assurance to tailor-made supply chains, Meelunie can draw on over 150 years’ experience to develop comprehensive solutions designed to meet your specific needs. Today, only products that meet their highest standards are selected to be part of their portfolio.

Plant & Food Research is a New Zealand science company which enhances the value and productivity of the horticultural, arable, seafood and food and beverage industries to contribute to economic, environmental and social prosperity.

The company’s science and technology capabilities support the commercialisation of research-based innovation and the production of high-quality produce, ingredients and consumer foods that earn a premium in international markets.


Codrico is a private independent company operating business to business in the fields of hydro thermal treatment of grain products and flours by extrusion and maize milling, for the production of grits for the corn-flaking, brewing, snack and corn flour industries.

Codrico combines state of the art technology, technique and supply of raw materials on the basis of an adequate supply-chain-control system. Codrico strives to be an industry leader when it comes to delivering consistent product quality, the core of all their processes and procedures is quality and control. Codrico’s Research and Development department plays an important role in maintaining their quality standards and their Quality Assurance.


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