In addition to a varied program, the Summits offer many interaction and networking moments to our broad and interesting group of attendees. To use these moments as efficiently as possible, we use a.o. the Foodvalley NetworkApp. All Summits attendees can use the App before, during and after the Summits (for a short period of time). We highly recommend all attendees to download the of App (available as of 6 October – download information will follow).


The App serves as a platform to make first contact. It shows in an easy and clear way who the Summits attendees are. It matches people according to their own needs and it helps attendees to find the right conversation partners. In addition, it also can be used to get in touch with one of our interesting speakers as they are also part of the App attendees. The Foodvalley NetworkApp stimulates conversation before and after the event and lowers the threshold to get in touch during the event.

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