Foodvalley Champions 2020

Nine innovative agrifood companies nominated

De Nieuwe Melkboer, FUMI Ingredients, Schouten Europe, In Ovo, Protix, VanderSat, Grünten, Fooditive and Verdify are the nominees for the Foodvalley Champions 2020. Different companies but with one thing in common: all of them have created (potential) high-impact innovations, and innovation is written through their DNA. The prize will be awarded at the upcoming Foodvalley Summits October 13. Winners will be announced in three categories: Protein Shift; Circular Agrifood; Food & Health.   

Protein Shift

WINNER: According to the jury, via plant-based milk from locally cultivated soy, De Nieuwe Melkboer is shaping two transitions at once: upping the shift towards plant-based diets, and the change to shorter production and consumption chains.
(Photo credits: Annemarie Kleve)

FUMI Ingredients reveals a virtually inexhaustible source of highly-functional protein sources, by intelligently combining micro-organisms and innovative technology.

Schouten Europewho pioneered the meat replacement market in the nineties, has given the global protein transition ‘taste and crunch’, with countless innovative recipes and ingredients.

Circular Agrifood

WINNER: With their innovative machine “Ella”, capable of gender typing chicken eggs fast and reliable, In Ovo prevents the culling of millions of male day old chicks, solving a large issue of public concern.

With OERei eggs, from chickens fed with insects bred on vegetable waste streams, Protix provides a great example of how insects, via the B2C market, are contributing to circular food systems.

Obtaining reliable and up-to-date information on water availability and crop health is more important than ever, suggests the contribution of nominee VanderSat. The company develops solutions for reducing water and pesticides use in agrifood, using satellite observations.

Food & Health

WINNER: Grünten brings greens to the breakfast table with their “Veggie Oats”: vegetable based oats, in pie based flavors, delivering 25% of the daily-recommended amount of vegetables.

Fooditive valorizes the waste streams of apple and pear processing, converting the residual fructose into the natural sweetener keto-fructose, which tastes like sugar with zero calories.

Verdify develops innovative software for enabling personalized nutrition in the food industry. It is designed to make a seamless match between personal dietary needs and online food offerings.

Foodvalley Champions award

Foodvalley Champions is the successor to the prestigious Foodvalley award. The prize will be awarded every two years to the three most innovative companies in the fields of Protein Shift, Circular Agrifood and Food & Health. Participants will be evaluated on (1) the innovative character of the company and (2) the impact and innovative character of (their) recent innovation(s). The prize includes a promotional video showcasing the winner’s innovation, international profiling by Foodvalley NL and a one-year Foodvalley Membership.


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