We all know this: innovations take a lot of time, and as many as 80% are doomed to failure. Naturally, this is extremely frustrating! How great would it be if you only had to concentrate on innovations that you knew would be a success? Bamboo Brands can help you with this. We carry out in-store market assessments throughout Europe to investigate consumer behavior on the shop floor. This provides you with solid assumptions on which to base your business case. In fact, we even provide guarantees!

Bamoo Brands’ approach:

  • Establishes at an early stage which innovations will succeed and which won’t.
  • Ensures a more sustainable innovation process. No more obsoletes, since unsuccessful innovations will not be put on the market.
  • Puts the enjoyment back into working on leading brand innovations! After all, any innovations put on the market will achieve your objectives and ensure brand growth.

Bamboo Brands is an expert in in-store market assessments for FMCG-retail Europe, and we also have a network of franchise entrepreneurs throughout the continent.


KeyGene is the go-to AgBiotech company for higher crop yield & quality.

With their intellectual capital, solution driven approach and collaborative spirit, KeyGene works for the future of global agriculture with partners in the AgriFood sector. Using their proprietary technologies and non-GM approaches, KeyGene supports customers with the development of new and improved crops. Their goal is to help organizations with their toughest R&D challenges, combining our cutting edge breeding technologies, bioinformatics & data science expertise and plant-based trait platforms.


Unilever has more than 400 brands focused on health and wellbeing. Their portfolio ranges from nutritionally balanced foods to indulgent ice creams, affordable soaps, luxurious shampoos and everyday household care products.

Unilever produces world-leading brands including Lipton, Knorr, Dove, Axe, Hellmann’s and Omo, alongside trusted local names such as Blue Band, Pureit and Suave. Unilever realizes innovation is key to their progress, and through cutting-edge science Unilever is constantly enhancing their brands, improving their nutritional properties, taste, fragrance, or functionality.


Niacet is a leading global producer of organic salts, including propionates and acetates, focusing on the Food and Pharmaceutical industries. Niacet’s products fill vital needs in a broad range of applications that are essential to everyday life including food preservation, antibiotic formulation, dialysis treatment, energy production, and more.

Niacet is a globally recognized company dedicated to the development of high quality products for the food industry, offering a range of specialty products based on organic salts, functional blends and mixtures for food safety, shelf life extension and acidity regulation & flavouring.



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