Enterprise Singapore is the Singapore government agency championing enterprise development. It also supports the growth of Singapore as a hub for global trading and startups.

The agency attracts global commodities traders to establish their global or Asian home base in Singapore. Today, Singapore is a leading global trading hub with a complete ecosystem for the energy, agri-commodities and metals & minerals trading clusters. Singapore is also home to many global enterprises, startups and investors that operate in its robust pro-enterprise environment.

Enterprise Singapore builds trust in Singapore’s products and services through quality and standards. Renowned for their dedication to quality and innovation, Singapore companies make ideal business partners. With Enterprise Singapore’s global network in over 35 locations spanning many developed and emerging markets, it connects businesses with relevant Singapore companies for their business expansion.


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FoodHQ is an open collaborative partnership involving most of New Zealand’s capability in food science-based innovation, and includes public and private sector research, education and industry organisations. It is headquartered in Manawatū at the Palmerston North Innovation Park with extensive national and international networks. Established in 2013, it was founded by AgResearch, Fonterra, Massey University, Plant & Food Research, The Riddet Institute, The Factory, and the New Zealand Food Safety Science and Research Centre. along with the local authorities in Palmerston North and Manawatū, and the Central Economic Development Agency.

FoodHQ recognises the opportunity to facilitate firms to successfully commercialise high value food products via science, technology and Innovation pathways. In order to achieve this, it is essential to provide easy access to collective capability in an environment that encourages collaboration. FoodHQ also powers the Emerging Proteins NZ network which seeks to accelerate the development of a thriving emerging proteins sector in New Zealand. The networks spans the sector from growing and producing through to manufacturing, retailing and exporting; new technologies and new market insights. Emerging Proteins NZ  is inclusive and positive encompassing a wide range of protein sources, including plant, fungi, insect, bacterial and cell-culture.

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OnePlanet Research Center is a multidisciplinary collaboration agreement between Wageningen University & Research (WUR), Radboud UniversityRadboudumc and imec. OnePlanet uses the latest chip and digital technologies to create a society in which everyone can live a healthy life and has access to healthy and sustainable food.

At OnePlanet Research Center, they initiate fundamental and applied research, groundbreaking innovations and smart product applications. This is only possible by using and bringing together great ideas, innovations and chip and digital technologies from different disciplines and work closely together with industry.

OnePlanet is committed to inspiring partnerships where companies, schools, universities, researchers, social institutions and citizens work together. OnePlanet combines specialisms from the fields of agriculture, food and health and turn dreams into feasible solutions that contribute to a more sustainable society.


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The Good Food Institute India is the central thought leader and convening body in India for the alternative protein sector – plant-based, cultivated and fermentation-derived meat, eggs, and dairy. We are part of an international network of nonprofits spanning India, Brazil, Israel, U.S., Europe and Asia Pacific. GFI India’s expert teams dedicated to Science and Technology, Corporate Engagement, and Policy have worked on ecosystem building activities like organizing national summits (like the Future of Protein Summit 2019), engaged with large food and ingredient companies to form partnerships to stimulate innovation, disseminated open access scientific information via white papers, webinars and resources, and stimulated world-leading alternative protein research by engaging with universities and the government. You can find out more about us on our website.


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Samen Tegen Voedselverspilling (Together Against Foodwaste) focuses on preventing, reducing and adding value to foodwaste throughout the entire food chain. Within the foundation, organizations, government and knowledge institutions work together to combat waste by joining forces and working towards one common goal:

Together we will make the Netherlands one of the first countries in the world to reduce food waste by half. And with that, we will become a leader and a world example in realizing Sustainable Development Goal 12.3. Are you also participating?


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Euromonitor International is a global provider for global business intelligence, market analysis and consumer insights. From local to global and tactical to strategic, their research solutions support informed decision making.



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