Foodvalley Circular Agrifood

The first hour of this summit will consist of an introduction of Foodvalley in Circular Agrifood, highlighted through interviews with, amongst others, keyplayers as SOJAPROTEIN, Protix and Greencovery.

– Insights: Future of agriculture in the Netherlands (Harry Smit, Rabobank)
Introduction to sustainable & ciruclar raw materials in the agrifood supply chain (Paula Rijkens, Foodvalley NL)
– Report: Raw material atlas of the Netherlands (Iris Pronk, Royal Haskoning)
New crops: SOJAPROTEIN (Goran Obradovic)
New raw materials: Protix insects (Kee Huidekoper)
Circular raw materials: Greencovery (Carlos Cabrera)

Confidental Infomation