Foodvalley Champions Ceremony – Food & Health

After twelve years of presenting companies with the Foodvalley Award, one of the most prestigious agrifood innovation awards in the Netherlands, Foodvalley NL will declare the three most innovative companies in the fields of Protein Shift, Food & Health and Circular Agrifood Foodvalley Champion 2020.

During this ceremony the Foodvalley Champion 2020 of the Food & Health theme will be announced. Nominees for the Foodvalley Champion Food & Health are: GrĂ¼nten, Fooditive and Verdify. The award will be presented by Marjolein Brasz (Foodvalley NL).

The Food & Health jury: Iris Bogers (Menzis), Chantal Goenee (Lidl NL) and Judith van der Horst (Foodvalley NL).

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