Renzo Akkerman

Renzo Akkerman is an associate professor in Operations Research and Logistics at Wageningen University. Earlier, he was a professor in Operations Management and Technology at the Technical University of Munich and an associate professor in Operations Management at the Technical University of Denmark. He graduated from the University of Groningen with a PhD in Operations Management and an MSc in Econometrics and Operations Research. His (often interdisciplinary) research focuses on supply chain management in food and bio-based industries. Specific topics range from efficient resource utilization in food processing to the design and planning of food supply chains considering food-specific characteristics (e.g. product quality and sustainability). In the last few years, he also started focusing on supply chain challenges in related to the transition to the circular economy. He has widely published on these topics and was and is involved in various externally funded research projects funded by Europe’s Horizon 2020 programme as well as different national funding agencies (on topics such as sustainability in agri-food supply chains, the integration of water reuse in production management, and the role of logistics in a circular economy).

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