Making the healthy choice the easy choice. Learn everything you need to know about making healthy food products a market success in the short and long-term.

Table Talk Food & Health

Make informed decisions about reformulation and personalized and targeted nutrition, and learn how to apply artificial intelligence (AI) and evidence-based data in your day-to-day work. Share your insights, ideas and experiences with experts and entrepreneurs from around the world.

Join these Table Talks:

  • AI and digitization in food & health
  • Evidence-based data for dietary health effects
  • Targeted and personalized nutrition
  • Product reformulation
  • Personalized nutrition for athletes and active people

Food & Health Insights

Trends, market insights and innovative business in food & health, presented by a leading market research agency and an expert in lifestyle medicine.

Food & Health Summit

International Talk-Show about what is needed to make the healthy choice the easy choice, in terms of partnerships, target groups, labeling and reformulation. With a global guest list.

Foodvalley Champions Food & Health

Who found the most innovative way to make that elusive easy, healthy choice? Meet the winner at the Foodvalley Champions Food & Health Awards.

Inspire and connect

An exciting Ted-style talk on nudging, personalized nutrition, artificial intelligence,  and consumer behavior, by an international speaker.

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