The Foodvalley Summits Circular Agrifood were held on November 26th, 2020.

What is happening at the cutting edge of developments in agriculture, food, animal nutrition and technology? We got inspired by leading speakers from SOJAPROTEIN, Protix, Greencovery and In Ovo, the winner of the Foodvalley Champions Circular Agrifood Award. Together they have shown us how the food systems of the future will be shaped; sustainable and circular. New raw materials as replacement for the current less sustainable materials, new producing methods to avoid animal suffering, and new technologies which make side and waste streams become more valuable.

During the Table Talk ‘Smart agrifood chain of the future’, moderated by Summit Partner OnePlanet Research Center, FrieslandCampina, Wageningen Universtiy and Research, Lidl NL and Conecterra have shared their vision of the future of circular agrifood and the importance of smart technologies. 2Grow presented their self-managing greenhouse to share the impact of data on our sustainable productionsystem.


This summit was organized in close collaboration with OnePlanet Research Center.
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Gold partner: Eko-rezerv.
“Focus on process pollution prevention, optimal processing regime and exclusion of product denaturation at every stage of the process is at the core of our approach.’’

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Foodvalley Circular Agrifood

  • Sustainable & circular raw materials in the agrifood supply chain;
  • New crops;
  • New raw materials;
  • Circular raw materials;
  • New sustainable production methods.


Foodvalley Champions Circular Agrifood 2020

Foodvalley Champion 2020 Winner: In Ovo

“In Ovo’s technical innovation anticipates the imminent ban on one-day male-chick culling by 2022 in, amongst others, Germany. With this method, the current chain will be transformed, a new processing system will be deployed and a major social impact will be realized,” was the verdict of the jury on this winner in the Circular Agrifood category. In Ovo developed a device with which the sex of chickens in the egg can be determined quickly and reliably. Everything in the company is focused on making production systems animal friendly and sustainable. Wil Stutterheim, Founder and Director of In Ovo: “This award has come at just the right time for us. This year we will take our technology to the market and I’m certain the Foodvalley network will be of tremendous help.”
Watch the innovation video.

Foodvalley Champion 2020 Nominees: Protix and VanderSat.

Protix: With OERei eggs, from chickens fed with insects bred on vegetable waste streams, Protix provides a great example of how insects, via the B2C market, are contributing to circular food systems.
Watch the innovation video.

VanderSat: Obtaining reliable and up-to-date information on water availability and crop health is more important than ever, suggests the contribution of nominee VanderSat. The company develops solutions for reducing water and pesticides use in agrifood, using satellite observations.
Watch the innovation video.

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