Wouter Muis

Before Wouter Muis started at GRO to expand their commercial and circular activities, he lived in Singapore where he worked as entrepreneur. He supported startups with his company Bamboo Branding, he launched a sustainable direct-to-consumer underwear brand and was co-founder the Startup & SME Academy. Wouter started his career at snacking company Mondelēz (former Kraft Foods) with roles in both sales and marketing. He holds a Master of Science in Marketing Management from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

After five years in Singapore, Wouter decided that he wants to contribute to a more sustainable and circular way of food consumption and production and he met the founder of GRO during a conference. GRO produces circularly grown oyster mushrooms on used coffee grounds. Due to the food structure, taste and nutritional value, oyster mushrooms are a perfect plant-based alternative to meat. Wouter and his team use the oyster mushrooms to produce vegan, vegetarian and blended products such as burgers, croquettes, chips and carpaccio. Wouter’s goal is to offer customers three solutions: (1) repurpose coffee grounds to produce new circular products, (2) create products with a unique story and (3) accelerate the protein transition with delicious products for vegetarians, vegetarians and flexitarians.

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