Tamara de Weijer

Tamara de Weijer (1981) has been a general practitioner since 2015, studied medicine at Maastricht University and the general practitioner’s programme at the University of Amsterdam. Over the years she has specialized in the application of nutrition and lifestyle advice in general practice. She is also a board member and former chairman of the Association for Doctors and Lifestyle, which she founded.

Tamara’s expertise includes metabolic disorders (obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease) and gastrointestinal disorders. She is convinced of the enormous value of a healthy lifestyle to prevent various diseases and disorders, but also as a medicine against this. On this subject she gives passionate lectures to healthcare professionals and consumers. She is also the author of the cookbook Eat Better in 28 Days which appeared in 2018 and Eat Better for Your Stomach and Intestines which appeared in 2019 at Kosmos Publishers.

In recent years Tamara was a regular guest of RTL Late Night to talk about the possibilities of nutrition and lifestyle as medicine. In addition, she has contributed to programs such as Radar, Kassa, Dokters van Morgen, Hoe word ik 100? and Broodje gezond.  Tamara is an ambassador for the National Action Plan On Fruit and Vegetables, the Gastric Liver Bowel Foundation and the Foundation That I Like.

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