Nick Popovici

Nick Popovici is the CEO and Co-founder of Vita Mojo, the tech company transforming foodservice with its market-leading digital ordering and back-of-house solutions. Built, tested and refined in the company’s own restaurants, the Vita Mojo Operating System (VMOS) is now powering the digital transformation of leading brands including Leon, Yo! Sushi, Brewhouse & Kitchen and Honest Burgers.

Vita Mojo’s mission is to improve the way the world eats through innovative technology. During the recent crisis their system has been a lifeline for businesses struggling to adapt to the new normal. It enablesĀ restaurants, pubs and coffee shops to increase their operational efficiency, deepen customer loyalty and transform theirĀ bottom line.

VMOS also enables more personalised ordering experiences through its intuitive menu flow, allergen transparency and AI-driven smart recommendations. The Vita Mojo vision is for a world where no-one eats a meal that’s wrong for them. Ever.

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