Liesbeth Luijendijk

Liesbeth has a background in Business Informatics and has been working for two decades in industry ICT management positions before she switched to Wageningen University & Research to develop research programs on the cross over of food, health and ICT.

OnePlanet Research Center is an innovation center for digital technology and nano technology in Agri, Food, Health and Environment. It is a multidisciplinary collaboration of chip and nano technology institute imec, Wageningen University & Research and Radboud University/UMC. At the cross-over between food, health, agriculture, living environment and high-tech, OnePlanet Research Center develops digital technology innovations with industrial partners that improve the quality of life and living environment.  One of the research themes is Digital Intelligence in Nutrition & Health: innovations like next generation nutrition sensing solutions connected to AI driven applications for dietary advice, eating behavior and healthy lifestyle support.

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