Kyla Hagedorn

Kyla Hagedorn is a results driven leader with over 15 years’ experience in successful social enterprise startup
development and management, global food supply chain optimization, ingredient sales and development, and financial management. Kyla has a passion for wellness and nutrition, and a commitment to making healthy foods accessible for all.

As co-founder and CEO of AnuLife, a company that serves the alternative protein space by developing novel plant-protein ingredients, she has been able to support the shift to a sustainable food system.

Prior to founding AnuLife, Kyla spent 8 years living in Ghana, West Africa, where she worked on optimizing the value chain for moringa and baobab products. She founded the functional botanical  ingredients trading company, Aja Organics (now powered by AnuLife), and as its CEO for 7 years of operations, established a strong network of global moringa suppliers and international retail clients, and was one of the early leaders to introduce moringa products to the global market. This this resulted in significant impact, providing $1.5 million to over 5000 farmers through facilitating their access to international markets.

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