Kaline van Halder

Kaline, a.k.a. Getting Things Done Leader, is one of those rare souls known for her ability to walk through closed doors. When she sets her mind on something, rest assured she’ll get there.

For almost a decade, Kaline devoted herself to social entrepreneurs working towards a more inclusive and sustainable world. Guiding them to clarify their business goals and build strong partnerships to successfully launch their products to market. Always in silent search of that one product she would want to devote the rest of her career to.

End of 2017 the stars aligned when Kaline tasted a jackfruit dish. She found her product and set out on a life mission to introduce it to the worldwide market.

Jackfruit is the largest fruit in the world with a completely natural taste and meaty texture. A perfect meat replacement. And so Meet Jack was born to introduce a fruit for meat lovers to the Dutch market.

Big ambitions need a strong team. And Kaline knows it takes a village to build a strong brand. Being firm believer in the old saying ‘alone you go fast, together you go further’, Kaline built an impressive tribe and huge network of people devoted to helping her spread the message that there is a new fruit in town and his name is Jack.

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