Gerda Feunekes

Gerda Feunekes  is leading the Netherlands Nutrition Centre, since 2014. This centre is in the Netherlands the authority that translates nutrition science to the consumer, to stimulate healthy and sustainable eating habits. The Netherlands Nutrition Centre is an independent foundation, jointly funded by the Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Gerda studied at Wageningen University, where she received an MSc in Nutrition, and a PhD degree in Food Choice. She published over forty scientific papers, e.g. on assessing fat and alcohol intake; social aspects  of eating behaviour; food labelling; and consumer perceptions related to salt reduction. She worked in the food industry, a.o. as Global Nutrition and Health Director focusing on salt reduction globally from 2008-2014.

She is in various advisory committees, e.g., Wageningen UR Social Sciences Group; World Food Centre; Action Plan Fruit and Vegetables; National Breastfeeding Council. She is chairing the European Public Health Nutrition Alliance (EPHNA), where European centres that are responsible for nutrition communication on country level join forces to take nutrition communication to the next level.

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