Carin van Huët-Laan

Carin van Huët-Laan has worked at Rabobank since 2010, first as Managing Director, then as Chairman of the Board of several local banks and Regional Delegates Assembly Director for Southwest Netherlands.  She has been Head of Sector Management Business Clients, and Director Food & Agri Netherlands since 2018. As Head of Sector Management Business Clients, she focuses on the strategy, financing and risk management of individual companies in all sectors. Together with her Food & Agri, Trade, Industry, Services, Healthcare, and Real Estate finance teams she envisages the major transition issues in these sectors and brings these into critical conversations with clients and trade organizations in the Netherlands, with the aim of creating societal impact.

Carin van Huët-Laan is a Foodvalley Champions jury member for the Circular AgriFood theme.

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