Table Talk 4: Plant-based proteins for athletes

A strong increase is noted in the interest of plant-based diets and plant-based food products in a wide range of consumer groups. And also for the large and wide group of physically active consumers, including atletes, amateur sports people, physically active professions, the interest for plant-based options is increasing. This is noted for both specific products such as shakes as well as meat-replacers and dairy replacers. During this session we will look into various plant-based product offerings targetting a balanced and sustainable diet for the active consumer. In addition we will look into the scientific developments on nutritional functionality of plant-based proteins. What type of research has been done? What is the information thus far and what should be investigated in future studies?

Moderator: Jeroen Wouters (Director International Foodvalley NL, Eat2Move, National Sports Centre Papendal)
Table guests: Luc van Loon, Marco Mensink, Andrea Bertocco, Maija Itkonen

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