Towards a smart agrifood supply chain

Foodvalley Summit Circular Agrifood: Towards a smart agrifood supply chain

November 26 2020, from 15:30 – 17:30 CET. More information will follow soon.

From circular raw-materials supply to waste stream valorization; learn what’s happening at the cutting edge of developments in agriculture, food, feed and technology and discover new business opportunities.

For whom?

Agrifood (related) companies from start-ups to multinationals, ingredient suppliers, innovators, solution- and knowledge providers, influencers, investors, food producers, growers, breeders, research institutes and the government are more than welcome to participate in the Foodvalley Summit.


Tickets for the Foodvalley Summits Circular Agriculture are on sale via Eventbrite.

If you already have bought a full or 2/3 (including CA) ticket before for the Foodvalley Summits on October 13, you can also join this event. The tickets also give access to the publications that will be available online, for all participants, after the event.

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